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Steveston Fam Trip with Founding Member Shirley Hartwell

10 May 2022 20:23 | Anonymous

Hello All

May 10th saw nearly 30 members join Steveston resident and Member Shirley Hartwell on a fam of the town, the operations, business and even a couple of stamps. We had a great time catching up, seeing some of the industry partners in action and filling out the passports.

The Cannery, The Shipyard as well as the businesses are offering stamps for those that need to fill out there booklets. By visiting a number of businesses, you can get the neighbourhood stamps, and, hopefully get to experience the local business.

Steveston Whale Watching is offering discount rates for you as an industry member (not for your guests or significant others) as well as commission for those guests that you do bring. If you wish to have those details, please click the link HERE

Thank you to all that came out, and those businesses that provided the information and time to get us up to date!

There are some photos in the attached album HERE

Of special note, if you are in Steveston, local business Juvelisto is a Ukrainian owned shop that is collecting donations for those in Ukraine affected and displaced by the ongoing war. If you are able, anything you can contribute would be appreciated.

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