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City Of Vancouver Transportation Meeting

7 Apr 2022 09:32 | Anonymous

Hello Members

We had an industry meeting with the City of Vancouver regarding Tour Vehicle access around the city. There is a copy of the presentation available HERE for you to look at. 

A Quick Summary

  • Beach Avenue access is not changing for the foreseeable future. It is both City of Vancouver and The Parks Board that has control of Beach Avenue. While we may have inroads with CoV, The PB was not present and attempts to reach them have been less successful 
  • Multiple points regarding access, safety and efficiency getting around the city were brought up by multiple representatives including the concerns of members of CTGA of BC
  • There is not supposed to be any NET LOSS of parking spaces for tour vehicles in the city, minus what was lost on Beach Avenue. Their Tour Bus Zone map is not currently updated on their website, but should be soon. There are some zones that we await feedback on their current state (1600 block of Alberni for example) as well as potentially adding more on Waterfront Road near the SeaBus Terminal and below the convention centre.
  • There will still be parking available, OFF Granville Island at the entrance for 2 coaches at a time. Granville Island (which is not part of CoV) is still continuing their no parking on the island policy for 2022.

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